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What is a blog post? And a blog page?

What is a blog post? And a blog page? - Blog For Fun Not Profit
What is a blog post? And a blog page?

A blog post is a single entry in a blog, just like the post above from my Hello Sydney Kids blog.

Right now you are reading one of many blog posts on this blog.

A blog post usually has a date on it, but may not in some cases.

Blog posts can have tags and categories and can be found using those. Posts appear in RSS feeds.

A blog page is a static page which has no date and is generally found by using the menu bar. It is not listed by its tags or categories.

Pages do not appear in RSS feeds.

For bloggers, most content is written in posts, and only a few static pages are created, with information that doesn’t change.

The About page for this blog


An example of a page on this blog is the About page.

The Blogging Resources page here is also a static page rather than a post.



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