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Should I use my own photos on my blog?

Should I use my own photos on my blog? - Blog For Fun Not Profit
Should I use my own photos on my blog?

The answer to this is a huge YES!  Well, that’s my opinion anyway.

Use your own photos and improve your photography as you go. Becoming a better photographer and then maybe even starting to use video is a HUGE thrill.

In 2011, I started blogging and used photos like this:

Eek, terrible light, colour, framing, image size… all wrong and there’s a horrible watermark to finish it off.



Now I can take photos like this:

Much better!

I’m not a brilliant photographer, but I’ve improved and it’s been such a pleasure.

Now, that doesn’t mean you need to take all your own photos. Using images from photo libraries can be really useful at times.

I use some in this blog as I just don’t have all the images I need myself and found ones that looked better than I can take.

You can start your photo hunting on the excellent free website Pixabay.


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