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How to publish your first post

How To Publish Your First Post
How to publish your first post


So, you have your first post ready to write. It might be in a Word document or it might be all in your head.

Here’s how to get it online.

First, from your dashboard, click on Posts, then add new post.


Then pop in your title and start writing, or paste in your test from another source.


Very, very often you need to click on the Save draft button. Do not forget this!


Give the blog post a category by adding a new category.


Add some photos if you would like to… this will be covered in a separate blog post and linked to when done.  You will also learn how to set a feature image.


But for now, it’s a good idea just to pop up a few text only posts so you can get used to it.

Remember, it’s all about learning and trying things out at first.


Check how the post looks by clicking on the Preview button.

The preview post will open in a new tab. Have a read around it.

Make changes as needed.

And then press publish!

Then check how you think it looks again!








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