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How Much Does Starting A Blog Cost?

How Much Does Starting A Blog Cost? - Blog For Fun Not Profit
How Much Does Starting A Blog Cost?

The fact of the matter is that you can start a blog for absolutely nothing.

But I’m trying here to persuade you not to do that.

Think of this… you’d generally pay a bit for a hobby.

Whether you love to play golf, travel, read books, sew and knit, cycle, swim or whatever, your passions and hobbies are worth investing in.

Why not make this a hobby that you invest a bit of money as well as time in?

You are likely to enjoy it more.



The Cost of Beginner Blogging


You can start for as little as $2.95 a month for hosting if you pay a year or two upfront, and this can include the cost of your blog’s URL..

But my advice is to decide to spend between $300 – $400 and make the start of your blogging fun much easier and simpler.



Zero Budget Blogging


So if you are starting with a zero budget then head over to:

Blogger.com – the Google free blogging platform

WordPress.com – the better option IMHO

(I will write how-to posts about these options in the future.)


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