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Do I Need Social Media Channels For My Blog?

Do I Need Social Media Channels For My Blog? Beginners' Guide
Do I Need Social Media Channels For My Blog?

If you are looking to find readers beyond your immediate circle of family and friends, then I’d say ‘YES'” you do need to use social media.

But do you need to use them all?

I say no.

Running social media can be a huge time suck, and may wear you out super fast.

It’s best to start with just one channel and to do it well.


Should you blog or just do a social media channel?


Just a thought, some people these days prefer to have a social media channel instead of a blog or website. Have you thought about that?

There are many Instagram channels and Facebook pages and groups which run independently.

It all comes back to what is the purpose of your blog. What are you writing and why?  What is the best medium to reach the people you want to communicate with.

(Help! Should I be running a Youtube channel?  Or doing a podcast?  Or just Instagram??  No, Seana, you daftie, you’re writing about blogging so keep it in a blog.)


So Which Social Media Channels Should I Use?


Well, there are loads, here’s a mini intro to the most popular:


Snapchat – a phone app, instand and disposable, the darling of younger people

Twitter – great for making connections, used on computers and phones

Instagram – mainly used as phone app for sharing images and information

Pinterest – a visual feast for sharing info and also used as a search engine, for phones and computers

Youtube – for all things video

Google+ – very helpful for SEO ranking

LinkedIn – if you write on business/jobs at all


There’s nothing for it… you need to pop off to have a look at them all and then choose one to start off with… and just give it a whirl.


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  • Hi Seana,

    That’s good advice to choose one and do it well. I usually recommend one or two. If people pick two they can see which one they have the most fun with 🙂

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