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Courses To Help You Set Up Your Blog + Run It

Courses To Help You Set Up Your Blog + Run It - Blog For Fun Not Profit
Courses To Help You Set Up Your Blog + Run It

Learning more about blogging has been one of the great pleasures of using this medium.

Amongst the zillions of learn-to-blog programs available, these are the ones I’d recommend from my own personal experience:


Cheap and cheerful methods

Many colleges, TAFES and community colleges run short blogging courses, it’s always great to have a teacher to ask specific questions of. Plus these are often great value for money.

Google around… there are many, many free resources online. Google whatever you want to know next and you are highly likely to find the answer.

Follow the website Problogger, there are literally thousands of useful posts there.

Design Your Own Blog is a website with many useful ideas on blog design.



Online Courses is a website that offers hundres of good quality online courses, delivered mainly by video.  You can have a free 30-day trial which is plenty of time to do one of the many blogging courses on offer.

Once you’ve signed up for the free trial search for WordPress Essential Training, this is a five and a half hour course and clearly shows you the basics.

After the free trial, costs $34.99 a month, this good value if you are diligent in using the courses.

I’ve used for photography more than blogging courses and found it terrific.


Blogger Boss


Blogger Boss is an online course which promises to help you ‘tame your tech.’  I did this course a couple of years ago and still refer to the modules regularly. It’s pretty comprehensive and covers tricky techy stuff better than others do.

Blogger Boss costs AUS $399 so it’s quite an investment.  I took it to run my commercial blog Hello Sydney Kids, and never regretted spending the money.

The images below show what Blogger Boss covers.



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