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Things To Think About First

What is a blog?
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Things To Think About First - Blog For Fun Not Profit
Things To Think About First


So, do you have a topic, or are you thinking about blogging as a diary, or to capture your travels, or your improvements in health.

Or would you like to write a little bit of everything?


Although many people do start their blog on a whim (or let’s say a wave of unstoppable enthusiasm), it really does pay to think clearly first.


If you would like to blog for a long time, then it’s vital to write about things that you adore, that you do a lot, that you’d like to learn more about or that you know a lot about already.

If you have an urge to share your knowledge, then that’s a great start too.

Many people choose to create a blog to chronicle a shorter period of their life, especially a travel or a change of country.

These are often written for family and friends and in many ways are simpler to keep going.

Personal blogs are marvellous for making connections with other people, and for helping others by sharing your own story.

If you have a great sense of humour or a unique lifestyle then you are also well on the way to having great content and therefore interested readers.

Do spend a bit of time thinking about what you love and what you are being called to create. Feel free to wander around with a dazed expression, pick your nose and bit and consume vats of coffee whilst doing so.


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